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Monday, October 24, 2011

What does worship look like?

No pictures to go with this one... more of just what I am trying to accomplish with my kids during a worship service. Recently thanks to a friend's suggestion (Rachael) I have a started Julia taking sermon "notes." This is something that the confirmation kids do and she does a 1st grade version of that. Using the scripture lessons and sermon theme, I write down 5-6 words for her to listen for and then tally or "x" as she hears them. She will also add other words that she hears several times. It keeps her listening and not talking (too much) and she can start making those connections between what is preached and how it affects her and applies to her.

Ava is a monkey-see/ monkey-do girl, so if Julia is modeling good behavior she will typically follow right along. She is not keeping track of words (of course) but she sees her sister making marks in a notebook and she will do the same thing. She also likes to peel stickers and put them in the pages of her notebook.

Matthias is a whole other ball game!! Right now the name of his game is loud, louder, and loudest! We just try to reserve the loudest sounds for during songs and keep the noise level in check (as much as we can) during sermons and prayers. We are blessed with a congregation that loves little ones and a pastor with young kids so we don't usually feel like he is a bother to those around him. We are trying to teach him not to be a distraction from the service. This is easier said then done.

This week was a combination of goods and others for my kids. Julia and Ava sat quietly during the message, stood and sang songs and generally were actively involved in worship. Matthias slept during a large part of it but when he woke up... he was very loud and cheerful! He seemed to think everyone was there for him to talk to, sing to, and generally entertain... Chris sits with us some weeks and others he is in and out doing children's messages or helping with communion. This week he was with us the whole service which was great and probably a good part of the reason that Julia and Ava had such good behavior. We can divide and conquer, one on the noisy boy and one on the 2 busy girls.

I know that they are still young and learning but teaching little ones I know that habits taught young can stick with kids their whole life. So I ask of any of you (especially parents of young kids)... what does worship look like?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Tucker Vader"

Tucker was in the pet costume parade at Faith's Oktoberfest celebration.

Julia and her friend Paige helped Daddy "show" him!
He was in the final three contestants but was beat out by a little dog dressed as ballerina.

Loving this beautiful fall weather!!

Matthias loves the swing!

Julia is getting really good a scootering!

Ava's best friend!

We love taking walks in the woods and throwing sticks over the bridge into the water!

Root, root, root for the home team!

Matthias is being raised in a "mixed marriage". Mommy is a live-long Cubs fan and Daddy is a life-long Cardinals fan. So where does this leave our little Michigan boy?

Well right now this leaves him rooting for the home team, Detroit Tigers!

(unless you end up playing the Cardinals in the World Series)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Little Buddies!

As Matt grows and is able to play with Ava,
they have been developing a sweet friendship!

Mostly she just directs him where to go and what to do and he generally ignores her and does what he wants! Which causes her all kinds of distress!
When he gets into her things (or almost into her things)
she screams to us, " GET HIM!! GET HIM!!!"

But sometimes I will find them getting along and playing so sweetly together!
My predication is that these two are going to be partners in crime and that Julia will be the mastermind behind it all!