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Friday, August 31, 2012

Getting our Greek on!

To celebrate the end of Greek with all the families, a couple of the wives hosted a toga party! We even dressed up the kiddos with bed sheet togas. Such a fun night!!
Toga party!!

So much to celebrate!

Our kiddos with some other seminary "babies" Cal and Julia (who we call "little Julia") Aren't they the cutest little toga babies!!

Passed the Greek final!

All summer was working toward this goal! When the Greek class finishes their class, everyone that passed jump into the fountain on campus. Many of the wives and kids gathered with the guys to wait for the results. We unfortunately missed the actual jump because I had to pick up Julia from school! But we saw lots of pictures and video! What a fun tradition and best of all, this marked the end of Summer Greek!!
The big jump and swim in the fountain.
We missed you all summer!!
Giving daddy a congratulations kiss!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ava's Home-School Preschool

This year I decided not to send Ava to preschool. With all of the other changes going on for our family, we thought it was best to keep her home with me. So instead we are doing homeschool preschool. Most days before nap we work on spelling names, colors, shapes and numbers. We have different projects that we do in the mornings like play-do, puzzles, painting to name a few. She loves our school time and we are also watching 2 other 3 year olds and another 2 year old a couple days a week. This makes our school time even more fun and sometimes quite interesting! Ava is growing and changing every day and I love that I have this time with her. Julia was in my class at this age and I love that I have the opportunity to be Ava's teacher this year as well!
We are very blessed to have a playroom in our seminary townhouse. All three kids are in one room and it is perfect to have all their toys not in that room. The playroom is the one we have turned into our "school room."

Ava's first day of school
She is very excited to be learning new things at "home school preschool"

Just a little sample of her writing... such a smartiepants!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of Second Grade at CCLS

Julia started second grade at CCLS. She was excited for a new school but I was a complete mess sending her off! I have never sent her off to school before, I have been very blessed to have her just next door or in my classroom up to this year. She is doing so well and making us proud!
She was done with pictures by this point in the morning!!
Grown-up and ready to go!
I have no words for her crazy siblings!
The "one" finger for the school year's theme
And not a peace sign but two fingers for our 2nd grader!
Man, I love this girl!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Long time gone!

So I don't even have a picture to share... just the announcement that I am back. I am challenging myself to get caught up and move on with blogging.

The last post I did was in April, almost three months ago! I hope to go back and include some things from our last days in Michigan, but unfortunately it was such a busy time that there was very little picture taking so I will have to just paint some verbal pictures instead!

I hope that putting this out here keeps me motivated!