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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1st Trip to the Magic House

For Matthias' Birthday,  several friends and family (Koschmann's, Hoyt, Leidecker's, Huston's, and Morel's) went together to buy our family a membership to the Magic House in St. Louis. 
It is an amazing Children's Museum. The first visit was on a school day and Julia couldn't come with us, but Ava and Matthias had a great time!

Ava and Matthias working the pit-crew

Matthias was on tire duty

Ava putting away the old tires.

Next stop... the pizza kitchen! Ava is a great pizza maker.
And Matthias is an excellent eater!

Before anyone will respect you as a real doctor, you will have to stop sucking your thumb!!

Paging Dr. Troxel!!
Ava made it her own personal mission to rock and cuddle each and every baby in the nursery!
Just a little fishing trip
Matthias' favorite place in the whole museum is the water play room!  He gets good and wet and loves every minute of it!
Daddy gave Matthias a hand on the spiral staircase... it was a little tricky!

What a great birthday present. We love going to the Magic House!!

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