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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Homemade Slip and Slide...in the rain!!

We have a terribly hot and dry summer in St. Louis, there was a severe drought for the majority of the summer. But Labor Day weekend we saw something we hadn't seen in months... RAIN! We were on the tail end of the effects of Hurricane Isaac. Which meant, a lot of rain, but also very warm temperatures.  One of our neighbors had the great idea of making a homemade slip and slide and bubble pool in the pouring rain! 
It was a slippery, soapy fun afternoon!

Matthias insisted that he needed his one arm floatie!
Pushing the big trucks through the mud.
Julia was brave enough to try the big slip and slide!
Matthias tried his hand and making big bubbles
Julia and her friend Karis hosing off all the soapy bubbles from the slip and slide
Ava making big bubbles...


Not quite the big bubble she was hoping for!!
I can't tell if Julia is helping Daddy hose off all the bubbles or just spraying him down!
Adding a little more bubble mixture to the slip and slide.

We had such a fun afternoon in the rain. What a great idea!
Thanks neighbors!!

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