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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pray about Everything... Worry about Nothing

This is a wall "sticker" that I found this summer at Target with my dear friend Rachael. We had just finished having mommy drinks at Applebee's after a very rough week visiting them without a daddy on hand because of his summer Greek class.  Her husband Nick sensed a need for a little mommy time and offered to put all 6 of our kiddos to bed. Rachael and I were wondering Target when I saw this and we both agreed that it was the perfect reminder for the next few years at seminary. The funny twist is that I didn't buy this that night but instead said that I would buy it once I got home to St. Louis. Once I got home and looked at our Target, and a few other Targets, I regretted this decision! It took several trips and always checking but finally I found it and bought it, then it took awhile for Chris and I to take the time to put it up. And when we did, we had a hard time getting the "w" and "y" to stick so for a while it said, "Pray about everything, orr about nothing!" So glad it doesn't say that!
But now that its there, it does serve as a great reminder of where our hearts should be. We are trying to pray about everything and worry less... 'about nothing' will have to come with time!

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