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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ava's injury

Just before Matthias' birthday, Ava had a terrible fall on the sidewalk leading to our apartment. She smacked her head on the sidewalk and immediately a HUGE goose egg popped out. Now we know that everyone says it is a good sign that it popped out but just to be sure ( and because it scared the living daylights out of us!) we took her to urgent care.

This is a profile shot of the the bruise.
And another ...
Brave little miss...
She was such a good girl at the doctor, and we were so blessed that she didn't need any further testing or anything. They assessed that she probably had a mild concussion but did not need to do anything more with her unless she had any changes in behavior.

We sent out texts for prayer request on our way to urgent care and we definitely felt those prayers surrounding us. We are so thankful that it wasn't any worse, just very scary!!

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